Thursday, April 9, 2009


Made these cookies for a friend in California, whose daughter just celebrated her 7th birthday last month. Her theme was CAMP ROCK (by Disney) and my original plan was to decorate these cookies with the CAMP ROCK logo! Unfortunately, the shipment of edible icing images arrived late so I had to think of PLAN B. So, I came up with these designs...electric guitars, half-quarter music note and colorful star cut-outs!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Last weekend, I was so excited to go to the city and attend a sugarpaste class by Ruth Drennan. I met her years ago thru my good friend, Faye, who worked for Gail Watson. Now, both of them have established their own businesses here in New York and Pennsylvania respectively. I admire Ruth for her elegant style on cakes and her amazing sugar flowers.

Chef Ruth demonstrating how to attach the large petals


Hi Everyone! I'm still here...I've been very busy for the past months, hence, I apologize for my late post. March has been a very hectic month for me since I had a lot of cake projects and not to mention, I had to ship decorated butter cookies to California :-) I'm not complaining though! I always have fun decorating and making cakes for people.

I've made 3 cakes last month. The first was a Spring-Themed Debutante cake which was made up of 2 layers of chocolate and red velvet cakes alternately filled with vanilla buttercream and chocolate mousse (9"& 6" respectively). I decorated it with polka dots, some flowers, butterflies and bows. The second cake that I made was a Christening cake which I called the Delicate Rose Crib because of the baby sleeping on the rose flower (like Thumbelina). It was a simple yet elegant cake because of its monochromatic color (white) and a large rose attached to the side of the cake. The third cake that I made was a dark-chocolate glazed cake decorated with white hand-sculpted roses.

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