Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Hi Everyone! I'm still here...I've been very busy for the past months, hence, I apologize for my late post. March has been a very hectic month for me since I had a lot of cake projects and not to mention, I had to ship decorated butter cookies to California :-) I'm not complaining though! I always have fun decorating and making cakes for people.

I've made 3 cakes last month. The first was a Spring-Themed Debutante cake which was made up of 2 layers of chocolate and red velvet cakes alternately filled with vanilla buttercream and chocolate mousse (9"& 6" respectively). I decorated it with polka dots, some flowers, butterflies and bows. The second cake that I made was a Christening cake which I called the Delicate Rose Crib because of the baby sleeping on the rose flower (like Thumbelina). It was a simple yet elegant cake because of its monochromatic color (white) and a large rose attached to the side of the cake. The third cake that I made was a dark-chocolate glazed cake decorated with white hand-sculpted roses.

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