Tuesday, March 30, 2010


One of the challenges I face as a cake artist is modelling human figures out of sugarpaste and when I saw this class on figure sculpting, I immediately signed up to take the class. I was very excited to attend the figure sculpting class since it has always been a challenge for me to make animals and human figures (babies, bride and groom, pregnant women, etc....) Honestly, I'd rather stick to making sugar flowers which have specific instructions and special cutters which I can utilize. Sugar flowers have become my specialty so I have a natural bias for them but as an artist, I always want to improve and learn something new. Making human/animal figures are so time-consuming and there are no set guidelines in making them. If patience is not your virtue, stick to the flowers :-D
The class was taught by Silvina Barboza, a cake artist who specializes in figure sculpting and modelling. She taught us the basics of constructing a human body and head out of rice krispy treats, which was a better medium to use than fondant. The class was very challenging but fun at the same time. It was difficult and we didn't have enough time to finish both the bride and groom. Overall, I enjoyed this class but I think I'll stick to my first love, sugar flowers!


Video 48 said...

Ang galing, Shirl!

Silvina Barboza said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the class!!! But don't give up!!! modeling figures is so much fun!!!

See you soon!!!

Silvina Barboza

Shirley Santos-Yanga said...

Hi Silvina!
You're right...I shouldn't give up...You have a great talent making these sculptures. I wish I could review again how to make the bride or groom. Still waiting fr your e-mail on how to make the groom. Will see you soon!

The Cake Fairy said...

Sorry about that...:(
My computer had a virus and had to clean the hard drive and lost all the pictures! so I have to make everything all over again. Please bear with me...:)


Anonymous said...

i think you are correct in saying that figure modeling takes a lot of patience! for these what did you use as the 'top' medium - ie was the outside layer fondant, gumpaste, modeling chocolate? I would really appreciate it if you could email me and let me know! cloetzu@hotmail.com

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