Tuesday, June 8, 2010


decorated cookies ready to be packaged
It was a cake-filled weekend for me. 1st project on tap was a birthday order for Tristan who loves dinosaurs. To fulfill the birthday boy's wishes, the proud mom asked a dinosaur cake plus dino cookies as party giveaways.


♥Sarah said...

I just ordered this cake pan to make my sons first birthday cake!!! I am really looking forward to it! Any tips?

Shirley Santos-Yanga said...

Hi Sarah,
I usually color my buttercream icing the day before so that the colors would be more pronounced and I make sure that I have hot water while frosting the cake...I usually dip my spatula in the hot water and wipe it with a paper towel to smooth the sides of the cake...Hope this helps :-) Thanks for visiting my site!

♥Sarah said...

Thanks for the advice! I really enjoy looking at all your cakes that u post!

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