Saturday, September 25, 2010


it's hot outside!

My first yorkie puppy cake! I had so much fun making this little one. Everything was made of cake - vanilla chocolate chip pound cake and the icings/fillings were strawberry and vanilla buttercream. The puppy's hair was all fondant, rolled from a pasta machine, with a spaghetti blade. The eyes, nose, mouth and tongue were all sculpted out of black fondant. To give this puppy a nice sheen look, I airbrushed the body with tan and silver colors.


Pink Little Cake said...

I had so much fun at the class, it was great seeing you. The puppies turn out so cute. I still have mine.

Shirley Santos-Yanga said...

Hi Kathia!
It was nice to see you again too! We ate a little piece last night and I had a "hard" time eating him! haha! He was too cute to be eaten ;p

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