Tuesday, September 7, 2010


excited to use this for my next project!

Yesterday, I went to Michael's to buy some cake supplies for my upcoming project. As I was browsing through the shelves, I saw this new pan from Wilton---the pillow pan performance cake set. I was thinking of buying it now or later down the road, but I knew if I left empty handed, I'd wish I had bought them in the event someone I know wants a pillow cake one day. During my Michael's visit, I had an ace on hand or should I say I had a 50% coupon which made it "easy" for me to stop thinking and start buying...yahooooo. You probably guessed already that I bought the pans and I'm glad I did. I'm excited to make a cake with this design. This product will definitely save me time in carving and perfecting those throw pillow cakes. I think this design would make a great gift for a mother's day celebration, birthday, wedding or sweet 16. Find them at any Michael's or Wilton store.

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