Monday, October 25, 2010


I got an order from a client who requested for a Tiffany Box cake. This time around, it's not for a bridal shower or an engagement party, but, it's for a WELCOME HOME party for her sister who is arriving to NY and obviously loves Tiffany. This is my third take on a Tiffany Box cake and I decided to have a "closed lid" style. To achieve a more sophisticated look, I airbrushed the sugarpaste bow with pearl white color - a simple detail like this adds a "WOW" factor to the cake. The cake was a red velvet one with a vanilla buttercream icing. As a result of this project, I am adding a tutorial for my readers on how to mix the right colors to achieve the tiffany blue fondant. I hope you all enjoy my bonus!

For the tiffany color, use 20% yellow, 30% royal blue and 50%white. Knead your fondant ito a ball until it's pliable. Using a toothpick, add streaks of icing color into several areas.

Knead the blue fondant until color is evenly blended. Do this with yellow as wll.

Roll a log each of the tinted and white fondant. Knead.

Knead fondant until all colors begin to blend in. Patience should be your virtue at this point!

Getting there....

TADA! I pulled out my tiffany box to check if I got the color palette!

Monday, October 18, 2010


For those of you who missed my tutorial at Pink Little Cake, I will be posting it again in its unedited version. This is my technique of “sculpting” pumpkins without the intimidating task of actually carving them. All you need is your good old bundt pan (the 9” one if you want it large, or 4” individual, if you want it mini) and this would definitely do the trick.

1 box cake mix (any brand and any flavor)
1 recipe Wilton Vanilla Buttercream (see Wilton website for recipe)
1 lb. store bought Wilton white fondant
Orange coloring
Black coloring
Green Coloring for the stem
4 to 6 pieces-Individual Bundt Pan (4”)
0R 2-Large Bundt Pan (9”)

Grease and flour your mini bundt pans. Mix cakes as directed in the cake mix recipe. Pour batter into individual bundt pans. Bake until done.

Spackle the 2 bundt cakes with Vanilla buttercream and position them upside down. Crumb coat the cakes.

Crumbcoat your cakes with Vanilla Buttercream Icing.

Tint your fondant with different colors: orange, black, green, etc. (You can play with the colors of your pumpkins---depends on your creativity and style.) Now, roll your orange and black fondant and cover your mini pumkins.

Using a veiner tool, press on the lines of the pumpkins.

Opional: You can airbrush the cakes to enhance the ridges of the pumpkins.

Make the eyes, nose, mouth and stem.

Serve your cakes on a decorated platter.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


When I first heard that my sister is getting married, I had mixed emotions over it. I felt very happy for her that she's finally tying the knot, but at the same time, sad, because our baby is leaving home and that means, our parents would be empty nesters. Well, you're probably wondering why I said that because here in the States, kids are very independent and leave home at age 18! In the Philippines, we leave home until we get married or sometimes not even! :D

I wasn't physically home to help my sister plan her wedding but I promised her that I'll do her wedding cake and dessert buffet. It's been 10 months since my sister, Sheryll and Ian got married. And, I know that this post is so delayed simply because I was extremely busy during the wedding reception and didn't have time to take pictures of them and my cake masterpiece. I had to wait for the release of the photos from their official photographer before I could finally publish this post.

Sheryll and Ian had such a personal wedding that was such a joy to go to. They had a big and fun celebration with family and friends (around 300 guests) and definitely picked a team of great vendors to help them with their special day. I was simply blown away with how gorgeous of a couple they were. You could definitely feel the love beaming in the air. I think the best way to describe the fun I had at Sheryll's wedding is by showing you some pictures of the event:
cake cutting ceremony

The wedding cake was inspired by their color motiff. This was a white on white cake, with hand sculpted peony flowers and leaves.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Today, I'm thrilled to be a guest blogger at Kathia's site, Pink Little Cake. Kathia was gracious enough to invite me to be part of her 28 Days of Sweet Halloween Ideas. For this project, I created a tutorial on mini pumpkin cakes, which are perfect as favors or centerpiece on your next Halloween party. Make sure to swing by Pink Little Cake for more details, and a bunch of sweet inspiration for Halloween.

Monday, October 4, 2010


The airbrush system (by Kopykake)

ready to use airbrush colors by Americolor

This is a white gumpaste carnation which I airbrushed with a gold luster color.

Guess what my new toy is? An AIRBRUSH! I was so happy when I got it in the mail. Now, I can easily and quickly add color to any cake by using this system. Airbrushing is a technique in which edible liquid paints are sprayed through a needle tip by using compressed air. While airbrushing systems may be a little costly, it's definitely worth the investment if you plan to decorate cakes on a regular basis.

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