Monday, October 18, 2010


For those of you who missed my tutorial at Pink Little Cake, I will be posting it again in its unedited version. This is my technique of “sculpting” pumpkins without the intimidating task of actually carving them. All you need is your good old bundt pan (the 9” one if you want it large, or 4” individual, if you want it mini) and this would definitely do the trick.

1 box cake mix (any brand and any flavor)
1 recipe Wilton Vanilla Buttercream (see Wilton website for recipe)
1 lb. store bought Wilton white fondant
Orange coloring
Black coloring
Green Coloring for the stem
4 to 6 pieces-Individual Bundt Pan (4”)
0R 2-Large Bundt Pan (9”)

Grease and flour your mini bundt pans. Mix cakes as directed in the cake mix recipe. Pour batter into individual bundt pans. Bake until done.

Spackle the 2 bundt cakes with Vanilla buttercream and position them upside down. Crumb coat the cakes.

Crumbcoat your cakes with Vanilla Buttercream Icing.

Tint your fondant with different colors: orange, black, green, etc. (You can play with the colors of your pumpkins---depends on your creativity and style.) Now, roll your orange and black fondant and cover your mini pumkins.

Using a veiner tool, press on the lines of the pumpkins.

Opional: You can airbrush the cakes to enhance the ridges of the pumpkins.

Make the eyes, nose, mouth and stem.

Serve your cakes on a decorated platter.


mary williams said...

thanks for the tutorial shirley but u dint tell us what u used for the eyes and d sterm,isit sugarcraft or fondant?

Shirley Santos-Yanga said...

Hi Mary,
It's all fondant. For the stem, I just rolled a log and cut it into 1/2" strips and line it with a knife. For the eyes, I just used some small tips to cut the fondant. Hope I answered your question. Thanks for visiting my blog :)

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