Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Last weekend, hubby and I flew to California to attend his cousin's wedding at Newport Beach. When we have trips like this, I'm the designated ZAGAT or the researcher of the restaurants/places/shopping malls that we'll try. On top of my list is Christopher Garren's shop. Being a fan of his show, Amazing Wedding Cakes, his works are showstoppers and truly works of art. I think he is the BEST in his field, as his cakes are varied (whimsical, floral, masculine, elegant, etc.) and very impeccably done. If you dream it, he can make it.

His shop is very quaint and I was surprised that he also offers individual cakes, some bite-sized pastries and coffee. We had cappuccino and tried his Pumpkin Pecan Cheesecake and it was sooo good. I also felt that I was walking in a gallery as you could see some of his masterpieces hanging and displayed in a clear glass. Overall, the experience was awesome and I can't wait to visit again and hopefully, take one of their sugar classes next year.

Yours truly and Christopher Garren, star of Amazing Wedding Cakes


Chris was so gracious enough to invite me to his kitchen. Here is Marjie, working on a wedding cake.

with Marjie Chua, Chris' right hand and production head

the patiserrie


Jenniffer said...

How cool is that? Chris and Marje are SO talented!! Did you know that Lindsey left and started her own cake company? It's called "A Wish and a Whisk"? I really enjoyed reading through your blog.

Shirley Santos-Yanga said...

Hi Jenniffer,
I was really happy to have met them and to be in their shop (especially in their kitchen!). I didn't see Lindsey there, so that was the reason:( Marjie and Chris are very nice! I'll definitely attend classes with them next year. Glad you enjoy reading my blog;-) thanks!

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