Tuesday, August 23, 2011


a glimpse of our new flat---still a work in progress
view from The Peak
boxes from NYC

Dimsum Academy

I apologize for my absence in blogging these past few months. I actually have been travelling frequently as my husband got a new role overseas. We had to visit our new location and find our new "home". My husband and I actually relocated to Hong Kong...yes Hong Kong in the Far East. If you noticed, my last posting was May which was the time we found out of my husband's new assignment with Pepsi and we had to be based in HK by July. Since then, we have been on a whirlwind of never ending things to do ---- find a home in Hong Kong, decide what we will be bringing to HK or what we will leave in storage, sell our cars, see our friends/family, fix our apartment in New York so we can rent it out, etc. On top of the new job for my husband, new work & home location for us...we have actually been blessed as well with the coming of our 1st child. Yes, I am expecting and I'm on my 4th month. You can just imagine the never ending "chores" we had to do to make us "ready" to move our home, our life to HK. Now in HK, we have more "chores" as we have to get our apartment here in the Mid-Levels to be our home in HK at least for the next coming years.

As you can imagine, we had a lot of moving boxes marked "Kitchen". When the movers here in HK started to bring our air shipment to our apartment, they were scratching their heads with the amount of boxes destined for the kitchen. Dear friends, HK is one of the most populated cities in the world...something to the tune of 60,000/sq ft or sq m...can't recall but something ridiculous. Hence space is a premium in this very, very vertical city. With space as a premium, my oven in out apartment here is probably just 1/4 the size of my LG in NY. This is no joke, some of my baking pans won't fit the oven. Very different...maybe this is an opportunity for me to create "mini-me's" of my work in NY...hahaha. I will post a picture of the oven so you can see what I am talking about.

Given the pregnancy, everything for me is sensory overload. HK Island is like Manhattan but with A LOT LOT LOT more people...this is no joke. If you think it is a jungle walking the streets of Manhattan during rush hour...you haven't seen anything yet like HK. It is ridiculous the amount of people specially in Central & Causeway Bay...I am not even talking about the tourist spots on the Kowloon side but more so the place where Hong Kongers live.

Oh well, a lot of things going on. As much as I want to work, our OB here advised me to take it easy. I will try to test out my oven and see what I can do out of it. I will also blog about my adventures in Hong Kong Island - both personally and from a culinary perspective.
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